Trois Coups, 2018

Trois Coups.jpg
fencer presentation1.jpg
fencer final presentation2.jpg

Gambler's Debt, 2018

Gambler's Debt.jpg
gambler's debt1.jpg
gambler's debt2.jpg

Nereid of the Forgotten Depths, 2018

Nereid of the Forgotten Depths.jpg

Basic Ritual, 2018

Basic Ritual.jpg

Desired Affection, 2018

Desired Affection.jpg

Occult of Angels, 2018

Occult of Angels.jpg

Hillside Infantry, 2018

Hillside Infantry.jpg

Twisted Gaze, 2017

Twisted Gaze.jpg

Further Below, 2017

Further Below.jpg

Her Second Skin, 2017

Her Second Skin.jpg

Agrias of Tarth

(Game of Thrones+Final Fantasy Tactics), 2017

Agrias of Tarth.jpg

Delita Greyjoy

(Game of Thrones+Final Fantasy Tactics), 2017

Delita Greyjoy.jpg

Ramza Snow

(Game of Thrones+Final Fantasy Tactics), 2017

Ramza Snow.jpg

Nereid of the Atlantic Coast, 2017

Nereid of the Atlantic Coast.jpg

Nereid of the Primordial Rift, 2017


Shoreline Century, 2017


Nereid of the East Pacific, 2017


The Close Appraisal, 2017


Emerald Phantom, 2017


The Melting Few, 2017


Strange Company, 2017


Another Round, 2017


Vauban Vandal Concept (Warframe), 2016


Grineer Loki Concept (Warframe), 2016


Rising Trend, 2016


Plateau's End, 2016


Shimmering Shell, 2016


Enthralling Sonata, 2016


Vascularity, 2016